iPage Hosting Review – What you can expect

This is an iPage web hosting review where we will dig the options in deep and find the best and the worst of the hosting service so that you can make better hosting decisions for yourself. You will be finding very cheap shared web hosting options with iPage.

In fact, the service gained popularity in 2009 because of the cheapest web hosting plan on earth. The features of iPage are similar to any of the web hosting services you have used before. However, the fact that they are able to provide it all at exceptionally low prices is quite commendable. This is the reason why iPage has been able to rule the market, even though it does not have variety in plans and does not even offer any kind of server upgrades.

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What is on offer

iPage follows a one plan fits all approach and has only hosting plan that is shared by all their customers worldwide.
There is not much of headache in selecting the right plan here. It is sometimes a great option for the hosting newbies who want a hassle free approach to hosting while saving their money as well. iPage has one hosting plan for all, known as iPage Essential Hosting Plan.
Even though it is a solitary plan available from the service, you will be getting a lot in this plan for sure. You will only have to follow a simple sign up process, for which they provide ample support.

Additionally, you will be getting:

  • Free domain year (lasts for one year, renewals available for $14.95/year like other standard hosting services).
  • Unlimited hosting space (even though it is unlimited, it comes with a 200,000 file limit. The good news is that even the biggest sites cannot reach this limit).
  • Hosting provided for unlimited websites or domain names
  • Unlimited data transfer (use for text, images and everything else. However, the video setup needs a different bandwidth for streaming with ease.
  • Free blog( 1- click blog installation)
  • Free online store (pre-formed buying, selling and payment platforms)
  • Free ad credits (can be used for Google and Facebook ads)
  • Unlimited MySQL databases

Undoubtedly, with all these things on offer, iPage becomes a preferred service provider for many. It has a great plan for people who really wish to get a good web hosting at a very affordable price.
The standard price is $3.50 per month but a promotional offer of $1.89 is also being offered these days which would make your hosting 200 to 300% cheaper as compared to the other hosting provides. Additionally, you will be getting your hands on designing and marketing suites of the service as well.
It is known as the iPage hosting deal and is one of the most talked about features of the iPage web hosting review.

Security Suite

  • Provides daily malware scans on the website
  • Provides daily spam scans for the website
  • Display cert for the websites you host
  • Extremely secure data center
  • Consistent network scanning features

Marketing Suite

  • $50 worth of credits for Facebook ads
  • $100 worth of credits for Google AdWords
  • $25 worth of credits for Bing and Yahoo Ads
  • Site Analytics Software to stay updated on the stats
  • Website authentication seal from iPage
  • Free YellowPages.com listing

Support Suite

  • 24×7 live support on phone, emails and chat
  • Consumer ranking award
  • Calls will be answered in less than 2 minutes
  • Only North American phone agents for efficient support
  • Online help and getting started tutorials for beginners
  • Rigorous quality tests

Design Suite

You can get 12, 24 and 36 month deals from iPage. If you stay loyal to the service, the hosting prices will also be going down. The standard rates will apply if you wish to renew your subscription with the service. There are promotional rates that can save you 77% of the cost of the iPage hosting. However, these offers are available only to the new customers.


iPage has become quite a popular web hosting tool for the newbies as well as those who wish to save tons of money on their web hosting plans. There is a long list of features that will be available on opting for iPage, they include:

  • Beginner friendly tools- the iPage web hosting reviews suggest that the website provides extremely useful beginner friendly tools that make you build a better website. Even if you don’t have any knowledge about creating a website, you will be able to use the template based website builder or the drag and drop website builder to create a wonderful website for yourself. The tools are fairly comprehensive and easy to understand because of which there will be no issues faced by the newbies. The websites always look functional and beautiful, making iPage a preferred hosting website for many of us.
  • Easy feature installation- if you wish to add a photo gallery, an ecommerce feature or a blog to your website, you will only have to use the1-click installation options from iPage. The Essential Hosting plan comes with a clearly laid out control panel where the users will be provided with some simple and functional installation wizards. Clicking on them and typing in a few credentials will be enough for you to get started with a blog. It will be easier to add coupons, shopping carts and catalogs on your website with the help of these features. Plus, you will get ample assistance for setting up payment gateways for your ecommerce applications.
  • Professional tools- business websites need to look sleek and professional. This is the reason why they should be choosing good usernames and email addresses. With the help of the iPage web hosting reviews, you now know that you can set up a great webmail account on iPage. The username will be followed by your domain name, which will make it look fairly professional. The website hosting service also offers marketing credits for Facebook, Bing, Google and Yahoo so that you can get started with your marketing efforts without spending a single penny
  • Security features- nothing can beat the security features offered by iPage. They will be providing you with a basic site lock plan and also store your date on a highly secured data center. It helps in guarding you against hackers and is also available for free (only for the first domain name you register with iPage.
  • Money back- you can get your money back at any time while hosting. Other hosting services open this for 30 to 45 days but with iPage, you can get a refund at any time you feel like.

The downside

You cannot look at the world with rose spectacles and similar things happen with iPage as well. Even though it is the cheapest hosting service around, it has some drawbacks that must be kept in mind while choosing the service. Here they are:

  • No variety in plans- there is just one hosting plan that is being offered by iPage, known as the iPage Essential Hosting Plan. You cannot get anything more or less than what they are offering with this plan. It is also important to check that the features and offerings from this plan are exactly the same as any other budget shared web hosting platform. There is nothing exceptional that you will be getting in terms of features.
  • Second year plan price boost- the domain name will be available for free in the first year. However, when you renew your subscription next year, you will definitely have to pay $14.95 for domain charges which would continue in the years to come. As a result of this, the price of hosting gets a significant boost in the second year because of which iPage doesn’t remain the cheapest service in the market.
  • No flexibility- a major problem, as suggested by iPage web hosting review, is that you cannot get server upgrades here, even if you want to. Some problems with shared hosting, like slower speeds are quite common. Plus, server errors occur quite frequently here. Maybe leaving the ‘one plan fits all’ approach will help them.

Rating iPage

Reliability – 8/10
You can definitely rely on the data and hosting plans of iPage. The websites made on iPage can either be personal or business websites and they come with an uptime to 99.85% to 99.5%. It has been proven by a number of third party groups and you can be experiencing great website availability on iPage because of this uptime guarantee. In fact, 99% of uptime is a benchmark in web hosting that has easily been surpassed by iPage. The iPage web hosting provides really fast and reliable servers which are the reason behind this high uptime. All the servers are available with the latest software packages and the data centers also make sure that all your data remains safe and sound. Additionally, they will be getting minimal service interruptions.

Customer Support – 8/10
iPage boasts of some of the best customer support in the market and will be able to provide you support for almost anything. As a result of this, you will be able to get excellent services from them without any kind of interruptions. Call are answered in less than 2 minutes which is a fantastic score. The support staff is highly skilled and will be able to provide you support for almost any issue that you are facing. Support is available 24×7 and can be availed via a phone call, email or live chat. Some clients suggest that emails and live phone calls are much better than their chat support. You can test it yourself and check which option suits you more than the others.

Ease of usage – 9/10
iPage gains a lot of points in the iPage web hosting review because of ease of usage. Getting a domain name and setting up a website is fairly easy and it will be helping you in making sure that you get great looking websites that are fully functional as well. The website builder is template based. Therefore, you don’t have to go into hardcore programming for finding out the best ways in which you can design a website. The good news is that the templates are fairly customizable. As a result of this, all the businesses will be getting dedicated web pages that are designed solely for their own domain names. Payment options are easy as well. You will be able to install blogs, photo galleries etc. with just one click. However, it might take some time for you to understand the interface of the dashboard.

Price – 9/10
The price of iPage hosting is its major USP. It is because of the price of the service that it has become so popular. You can be saving as much as 145% to 200% on all other hosting websites with ease. It is important for you to understand that the price of the service is lowered because of cheaper hosting packages as well as a free domain name registration and subscription package for one year. You will be finding excellent opportunities to work with iPage if you are looking for a budget pick. It is definitely quite a reliable service too.

The final verdict on iPageipage hosting money back

iPage is certainly a great site for anyone who wishes to get cheap web hosting solutions and ample customer support. The hassle-free hosting sign up and website registration process is quite appreciable. The website design process also becomes fairly easy with their templates and tools. As a result, iPage becomes a favored service provider. However, if you are looking for extremely fast servers and dedicated web hosting, iPage is not for you. The site uptime is 99.85% which is commendable for the price that you are paying.
And don’t forget that they offer an anytime money-back guarantee, so overall, a good service that must be tried once.

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